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Niche Strategies is a full-service agency focused on helping startups launch and grow.

We are an agile and scrappy team that loves seeing startups succeed and thrive.

Over the last 15 years, we have managed innovative and
disruptive PR, marketing, and political campaigns.

Our diverse experience enables us to bridge several markets and help navigate the systems in Toronto, San Francisco, and Chennai.

Brand Building

The branding is key whether you are startup, small business or an executive looking to move to the next stage. Starting early is important to helping build trust, drive awareness and establishing oneself as an expert. We help build and manage your brand from the foundation up.

Public Relations

PR focuses on communicating vs. promotion. It is about building and influencing a relationship between the business and its audience. Combining the best of traditional and digital PR, we will help you communicate and expand your reach.


Marketing is evolving. It is all about the connection. It is content rich, relevant, agile – communicating relevant information that enables businesses and people to connect to one another. With the help of market research and data analytics, we help you build, influence and retain your connections with your audience.

Public Affairs

In a globally competitive marketplace, knowing how to navigate the government systems is crucial. With our years of experience working in Toronto and San Francisco, we will help you connect with industry and policy decision-makers and navigate the startup ecosystems in both jurisdictions.

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