Welcome to Niche Strategies.

Over the last 15 years, we have managed innovative and disruptive PR, marketing and political campaigns.

We are an agile and scrappy team that helps startups succeed and thrive.
Our diverse experience enables us to bridge several markets and help navigate the systems in Toronto, San Francisco, and Chennai.

Our Services

Often times you know something is missing or needs fixing but you just can’t pinpoint what. We can help! Our consultancy and strategy services give you and your business the much-needed direction it might need. We strategize for the now and the future. 

Combine the best of communication strategies across owned, earned and amplified by paid to help expand reach and optimize brand awareness and building affinity to positively impact your business growth.

Customer and influencer choices are increasingly affected by word-of-mouth and content marketing. We will provide end-to-end social media strategies and management to help you engage with your consumers current & future.

With our years of experience working in Toronto and San Francisco, we help business navigate the complex political and regulatory global environment leveraging a 360 approach to connect with policy-makers and influencers relevant to growing their business in in a competitive and ever-changing market.

Data insight is key in building an effective communication strategy that will drive awareness and build brand affinity. Research is a must – become an expert, know the players and understand their challenges.

Some say branding is easy. Others say branding is hard. We say it’s neither. Branding is simple, if you understand the magic! Let’s arrange a coffee date (we’re cool with virtual too!) and get to know each other. Then, if the shoe fits, we’ll get to work on your goals and get to producing those unforgettable results.

Marketing is evolving— it’s all about the connection! It is content rich, relevant, and agile, communicating relevant information that enables businesses and people to connect to one another. With the help of market research and data analytics, we help you build, influence and retain your connections with your audience.

A-la carte: Content marketing, SEO, SEO audit, newsletters, email campaigns, strategic blogging, keyword research, PDFs, and other writing services.

Niche Strategies